What is Adventure or Spectator Mode?

By: Publisher

There are two more additional game modes players can only get to through cheats.

You can only get to the Adventure or Spectator mode via the /gamemode cheats command.

Adventure Mode /gamemode adventure

In this game mode players can roam around the map and explore the landscape. Players cannot destroy blocks with their just their hands but they can use tools available to them. Players health can still diminish and die.

Why would you want to switch to this mode?

Players in this mode can explore custom maps on Minecraft servers and still abide to the game rules without cheating and going to places where they are not supposed to.

Spectator Mode /gamemode spectator

In this game mode players become invisible, except to other spectators. Players are always flying and not interacting with the world.

Why would you want to switch to this mode?

It's great if you get lost underground need to fly up and discover where you are. It's also great to see where the mobs (mobile living entities) are in the world without having to interact with them.

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