What is Crafting All About in Minecraft

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You can building other things after you have collected or mined materials you needed.

Crafting is all about mining the raw materials to build other tools. After you have mined the raw materials into your inventory, you can craft other tools by placing them in a certain order in the crafting gird. The crafting grid is accessible once you get into your inventory. One of the first most useful tools to craft is probably the wooden pickaxe. But you'll need a crafting table first. Once you have a pickaxe you will be able to mine other raw materials, like rock and wood much faster.

  1. The first thing you need to do chop three (3) wood blocks.
  2. Use one wood block to create four (4) wooden planks.
  3. Use the four (4) wooden planks to create a crafting table.
  4. Use two (2) wooden planks to create sticks.
  5. Use three (3) wooden planks and two (2) sticks and the crafting table to create the wooden pick-axe.

To find out more what things you need in your inventory check out this helpful page.

Minecraft Crafting

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